Thermic Fluid Heater

Available with are fully automatic Thermic Fluid Heaters that make use of fuels like oil, gas, coal, wood and agricultural waste. These heaters are available in the capacity ranging from 50,000 k cal/ hr to 15, 00, 000 k cal/hr. The circuit embedded in our heaters permits the transfer of energy even at high temperatures.


*The Thermic Fluid circuit permits the transfer of energy at high temperature without the risk of corrosion or pressure.

*Three Pass Reverse Flame Technology - Ensures complete combustion.

*Consistent Thermal efficiency of 88% - Ensures low fuel bills.

*Larger Tube Diameter of Coil - Ensures longer life of the coil.

*High Unit Dependability - All critical components are of reliable make.

*Easy to Operate - Critical components are accessible for easy maintenance.

Over heating of system is prevented through high temperature controller.

*The differential pressure switch cuts off the heater as soon as the flow falls below the set value.