Vertical Boiler

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Vertical Boiler, which are widely used in chemical industry, residential complexes, hotels and hospitals. With built-in safety features, our boilers are highly reliable to use.

*Non IBR Boiler - G.M. BOILERS is Exempted from Indian Boiler Regulations

*Reverse Flame Technology - Ensures Complete combustion

*Consistent Thermal efficiency of 88% - with reverse three pass design

*Fully Automatic - Instant steam is generated within 3 minutes of cold start

*Larger Tube Diameter of Coil - Ensures Longer Life of Coil

*GM Boilers can be fired with fuels like HSD/LDO/FO/LPG Natural Gas.

*High Unit Dependability - All Critical Components are of Reliable Make

*Easy to Operate - Critical Components are Accessible for easy Maintenance

*GM - Boilers are available with capacity ranging from 100 kg / hr to 850 kg/ hr

*No separate Boiler House Required - Can be installed, dosed to process equipment

*Steam Temperature / Water Temperature High Alarm

*Water level (Low / No) Alarm

*Blow Down Valve Open Alarm

*Flame Sensor

*Fuel temperature Low Alarm (For FO Unit only)

*Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valve

*Prompt Services & Spares Support

*Less High Steam Pressure