Packaged Up-Flow Water Softener

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Packaged Up-Flow Water Softeners. Incorporated with technique of counter flow regeneration, it provides water with low residual hardness. Designed to suit small & medium industries, these softeners make use of a strong acidic cation. This cation replaces the calcium and magnesium ions, which are mainly responsible for hardness of water. At the end of each service cycle, the ion resin is regenerated with sodium chloride solutions. This range of our water softeners is packaged and supplied in a ready to install condition. Thus, it does not require any foundation before installation. If the feed water has any kind of suspended solids, then our softeners are installed with pre-filter or Y stainer. Our softeners are available in different sizes as per the technical data. Some of the specifications, advantages and applications of our product are given below:

Water treatment equipment advantages:

*Consistent treated water quality

*Lower regeneration costs

*Simple to install and operate

*Uses high capacity, bead type ion exchanger

*Incomparable for its stability and long life


*Boiler Feed

*Textile Processing

*Beverage manufacture

*Cooling Water make up

*Incomparable for its stability and long life

Standard scope of supply:

*One mild -steel pressure vessel, complete with internal distribution and collecting system, painted externally with a protective coal of paint and internally with bituminous

*One set of frontal pipe work, complete with Diaphragm valves and one hydraulic ejector

*One plastic salt - saturation tank

*One charge of ion exchanger

*One hardness test-kit